Lo nuevo en Rehabilitacion Neuropsicologica

Emocion y lesion cerebral: Concrete behaviour and reappraisal deficits after a left prefrontal stroke. A case Study. (Salas et al., 2013)

Psicoterapia y lesion cerebral: Stuck in a moment, Psychotherapy and concreteness after brain injury (Salas et al., 2013)

Rehabilitacion Neuropsicologica: La Neuropsicologia de Vigotsky y Luria (Pena Casanova, 1985)

Emocion y Lesion Cerebral: Surviving Catastrophic Reaction: The use of self regulation and self other regulation (Salas, 2012, Neuropsychoanalysis)

Emocion y Lesion Cerebral: Examination of the limbic system’s role in emotional experience using a human lesion model (Feinstein, 2012)